Live Certification Programs

When we have LIVE Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation or Coaching Training and Certification Programs scheduled, the links below will provide the dates and locations.  If there are no live classes scheduled, make sure you check out our homestudy certification training programs – the same content produced specifically for the ‘at-home’ learner.

BASIC Clinical Hypnosis Certification training classes are designed for those in the helping professions who have comprehension of the fundamentals of the therapeutic process and wish to expand their therapeutic approaches and enhance their skills. This intensive course moves at an accelerated pace, yet provides a solid foundation of clinical hypnosis practice, and includes hands-on hypnotic demonstration and experience. You WILL be able to hypnotize your clients for therapeutic purposes after completing this basic certification course. Learn More…

ADVANCED Clinical Hypnosis Certification training classes are intended for those who have already completed a basic course in hypnosis or who have experience with hypnotherapy and wish to enhance and refine their skills. Learn More…

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Live Certification Course Schedule


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Basic Clinical Hypnosis Certification Course Description

24 CEU  2-Day  Basic Program
Clinical Hypnosis Certification Training

The course content is intended to educate those who have very little or even no prior experience in creating effective hypnotic inductions or writing prescriptive hypnotic scripts that are designed to help clients with altering unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking, leading to personal satisfaction.

Those with prior experience in clinical hypnosis will also benefit by refining skills and techniques and learning the suggestive therapy approach of Advanced Parallel Programming offered in this program.

This comprehensive hypnotist training program is designed to provide you with basic required skills, and help you learn how to actually implement hypnotherapy into clinical practice with real clients, with confidence!

Develop Fundamental Hypnotherapy Skills

Learn how to hypnotize anyone for therapeutic purposes, and how to integrate the unique hypnotic methods of Advanced Parallel Programming, Mindfulness and Clinical Hypnosis with traditional brief therapy interventions.

  • Understand the true history of hypnosis
  • Discover theoretical approaches to hypnosis
  • Understand why and how hypnosis works
  • Understand Trancework
  • Learn how to hypnotize anyone
  • Explore the 5-step hypnotic process
  • Discover numerous induction techniques
  • Experiment with various trance deepening techniques
  • Explore Directive vs Nondirective approaches
  • Understand Ericksonian Hypnotherapy approaches
  • Learn the elements of writing an effective therapeutic script
  • Discuss stage hypnosis vs. hypnotherapy
  • Learn answers to common questions
  • Understand contraindications of hypnotherapy
  • Weed out pseudoscience: what hypnosis can and cannot do
  • Understand utilizing hypnosis for treatment of emotional dysfunction, habit control, sexual dysfunction, stress management, pain and chronic pain management, medical hypnotherapy and more
  • Understand how to address abreaction
  • Discuss Ethical practice of hypnotherapy
  • Explore safety issues relative to hypnosis
  • Experience live demonstrations and hands-on practice of hypnotic methods

You will receive a 90-page set of course notes at the event to supplement the live instruction, plus a complete scripted session, from Induction-Deepening-Therapeutic Suggestions-Post-Hypnotic Suggestions-Awakening, to study and use with future clients.

Enhance Existing Skills
Learn the fundamentals of the hypnotic process – how to hypnotize anyone – and how to integrate the unique hypnotic methods of Advanced Parallel Programming, Mindfulness and Clinical Hypnosis with traditional brief therapy interventions to achieve powerful results, almost instantly.

Clinical Hypnosis is a Proven Effective Adjunct Treatment Strategy for:

  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Tobacco Cessation (Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco)
  • Weightloss and Weight Management
  • Pain and Chronic Pain Management
  • Major Depression and Anger Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Learning Disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Medical Conditions
  • Sports Performance
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Test-Taking Recall and Anxiety
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Habit Control
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Much More!

Advanced Parallel Programming
The primary focus of the APP model is to provide brief, effective intervention by:

  • teaching clients how to utilize ’mindful awareness’ to manage their physical responses to medical and behavioral difficulties;
  • integrating conscious and subconscious neuropsychological brain functioning;
  • motivating clients to adapt pro-social and practical solutions for healthy change.

Core Function of APP
Develop targeted interventions via assessment of:

  • the client’s strengths and resources
  • the client’s capacity for change
  • the client’s individual learning styles
  • the client’s unique psychological and behavioral motivations.

Master Effective Solution-Focused Interventions
At the conclusion of this intensive training program, the professional will be able to:

  • Integrate the practical uses of hypnotic language and presence into traditional therapy.
  • Conduct hypnosis sessions – from induction to post-hypnotic suggestions – using both metaphor and directive suggestion techniques.
  • Understand methods for reconciling dissonance between conscious and unconscious motivations.
  • Learn to build instant rapport and facilitate rapid inductions.
  • Enhance success with drug and alcohol users, depressed clients, habit control, weightloss, smoking cessation, treatment of sexual dysfunction, learning disorders and medical conditions and behavioral disorders!

Have Fun Learning!

  • Learn how to hypnotize anyone!
  • Experience live, hands-on intriguing demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena!
  • Explore the unconscious and subconscious mind!
  • Laugh at Richard’s humorous clinical insights!
  • Get real solutions with a positive focus!

Hypnotherapy Works!
Methods of hypnotic intervention dramatically increase the efficacy of treatment for both medical and behavioral conditions.

Hypnosis is sanctioned as an effective therapeutic modality for:

  • Stress and Behavioral Disorders
  • Medical and Health Conditions

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Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Certification Course Description

40 CEU  3-Day  Advanced Program
Clinical Hypnosis Certification Training

Develop Advanced Skills

  • Develop or increase your confidence! Learn more, practice more, and refine your practical application of skills, with confidence. Many professionals possess the necessary skills, but are afraid to use them. No more!
  • Learn to use “Speed Trance instant hypnotic inductions for impacting resistance, anxiety or skepticism, to reduce induction time for return clients, and to impact trauma and crisis situations;
  • Increase assessment skills by enhancing evaluation techniques and methods, to better target individualized therapeutic suggestions;
  • Never buy another hypnosis script – learn how to appropriately structure and write your own hypnotic scripts – from induction to deepening to therapeutic suggestions – even ‘on the fly,’ for increased efficacy and long-term success;
  • Explore advanced techniques for addressing medical hypnosis situations, from cancer pain to trauma situations;
  • Learn how to develop and maximize hypnotic language patterns and NLP communication techniques to enhance therapeutic outcomes;
  • Discover how to integrate physical/visual hypnotic phenomena techniques – from catalepsy (eye, arm…) to amnesia and regression – as pre-session convincers and into clinical sessions to better give your clients ‘what they want’ and achieve more powerful, lasting results;
  • Develop advanced induction methods for pediatric and other special population hypnosis work;
  • Learn how to build and maintain a successful, profitable practice, while still maintaining therapeutic relations;
  • Perfect your pre-talk patter and phone Q/A discussion skills for greater appointment ratios;
  • Participate in hands-on experiential practice to perfect your own hypnotic style and approach for your personal success;
  • and Much More

We offer this 40-hour multi-media CEU course in addition to our 24-hour basic Certification program, for two reasons:

  1. Most hypnosis practitioners desire to receive advanced continuing education training on clinical hypnotherapy (which we encourage, because the more training you have, the better services you will provide), primarily for the reasons stated above in the course descriptions, and to enhance their ICBCH Certification status.
  2. State of Florida licensed professionals must meet a 50-hour training requirement in order to practice “hypnotherapy” for therapeutic purposes, illness, injury or disease, under Florida Statute Regulations.
  3. To practice  hypnotherapy in any state, one should complete a complete program with depth and focusing on skill development.

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About Your Instructor


Live Certification Courses by RIchard Nongard, LMFT/CCH

All of these Clinical Hypnosis Certification Training Classes will be Presented by:

Dr. Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH

Richard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and the author of many popular counseling texts. He has trained and taught in Europe, Canada, the Philipines and the US, and is a skilled educator, clinician and hypnotherapist. Richard has taught Professional Ethics at the EB-ACA conference in Germany, and presented “Skill-Building Hypnosis Training” at the ACA’s annual convention in Hawaii, and was a featured instructor at the annual Global Hypnosis eSummit two years running. He holds an accredited master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University and a doctorate in cultural transformation (leadership) from Bakke Graduate University.

You will love Richard’s dynamic, engaging style, and learn to practice hypnosis with confidence!

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Education Credits,
Certification Designations, & Board Approvals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Hypnosis Certification Training FAQs

YES! If you are already skilled in therapy and counseling or other helping and healing professions, you don’t need a comprehensive class to teach you the foundations of the therapeutic relationship, empathy, or interviewing skills, as these are skills you already possess.

In fact, you also already possess the skills needed to induce hypnosis – because hypnosis is a natural phenomena, not a mystical state of altered consciousness.

Therefore, it is entirely possible to complete a live 2-day course or the 20-hour homestudy program on the technical aspects of hypnosis, and then begin using hypnosis with your clients.

Hypnosis, like any other modality of method of helping people, is an ongoing educational process. This program is a starting point, one that will prepare you to embark on a new journey in healing, and a journey that will without a doubt include many experiential and educational opportunities in the future.

Even though this class is a starting point, you will achieve the ability to actually hypnotize people and implement hypnosis into helping clients live life to the fullest potential possible.

These intensive, accelerated classes are based on the principles of effective learning and provide a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time.

YES! Our homestudy course presumes that you already have an understanding of the therapeutic process, and it teaches the techniques of hypnotherapy didactically and through demonstration. One benefit of a homestudy hypnosis school course is that you get to keep the multi-media materials for your personal library to review over and over, at your own pace. Of course, live trainings are unique and provide a forum for hands-on practice with fellow students, but both methods of learning are beneficial. One therapist we know in Texas completed our homestudy course, and within a only few months reported that she was now doing 75% hypnotherapy and building an all-cash practice with very positive feedback from her clients. We provide the practical knowledge and skills training to actually do hypnosis, not just a theoretical framework.

In most states the answer is no. If you are a state or nationally licensed or certified mental health professional, you are already licensed to use modalities of treatment for health and wellness, and hypnosis is a traditional method of helping, endorsed by many professional counseling and medical associations.

Florida is the only state we know of that requires licensed/certified professionals to complete a minimum of 50-hours of Board approved coursework to practice hypnotherapy, and Indiana is the only state we know of that licenses hypnotists.

It is true that in most states individuals without licensure can practice hypnosis, however our courses are primarily designed for those with a counseling, social work, medical or other professional helping industry background.

Yes. Many unlicensed professionals use hypnosis for non-medical purposes and some hold unique expertise in their field that makes them more qualified to use hypnosis for certain applications than a therapist.

One example comes from the fitness field: Personal fitness trainers and coaches know their clients and utilize strategies to assist them with personal health-related goals or in competitive situations. They are not doing therapy, but they are helping people, and they should have access to clinically solid training. More examples: Golf pros use the skills of hypnosis to assist players in developing focus and concentration. Massage therapists use hypnosis to help their clients achieve greater relaxation and physical healing. Teachers and educational consultants may use hypnosis to help their clients relax and prepare for exams and improve memory recall during important testing situations.

Furthermore, we recognize that when people who are interested in hypnosis are not allowed access to quality programs, they will find programs that are less than quality to teach them what they want to know.

ICBCH Hypnotherapy Board – Clinical Hypnosis Certification Programs

ICBCH - International Certification Board of Clinical HypnotherapyThe International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a professional association that recognizes and hypnosis certification programs. It was created to set standards of excellence, and to promote clinical hypnotherapy and related fields of social science. Its broadest goals are to insure quality training opportunities and help enhance the standing of clinical hypnotherapy. Its narrower focus is to assist individuals and organizations in being recognized for achieving a level of quality within the field of hypnotherapy. The ICBCH certified professional is governed by a professional Code of Ethics.

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