Hypnosis Certification Requirements

By Richard Nongard, LMFT/CCH | Category: Hypnosis Articles

A lot of people ask me,  “How do you become a certified hypnotherapist?”   This question is often predicated on the belief that hypnosis, or hypnotherapy is regulated by the state and that the state has something to do with hypnosis certification.   This article is to provide some clarity to these questions.

No state regulates the certification of hypnotists.   Certification is a voluntary process that indicates a person has completed basic or advanced coursework in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and that a private organization has awarded them certification based on completed coursework.  A person can work as a hypnotist in all 50 states without ever completing a certification program.   Now it is true that some states regulate the term hypnotherapist, reserving the word therapy for those licensed as mental health professionals, and other states, including Washington, Connecticut and Colorado require hypnotists register with the state.    But no state has established or required a specific course of study or specific certification to become a hypnotist.   It is a self-regulating profession.

Our basic hypnosis certification course contains valuable information about professional ethics, and about what terms a person may or may not use in advertising their services.   It also provides a basic course of study in hypnosis, allowing you to become certified by the ICBCH (The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists).

We invite you to join our organization if you have been certified by other hypnosis schools or certification boards, and we welcome new students.  We have thousands of graduates, all continuing their studies with opportunities like the Dallas Hypnosis Convention and the many continuing education events we offer throughout the USA.