There are several ways to join the ICBCH and several different certification available.

Option 1:   Join by taking our Basic or Advanced Hypnosis Certification course.

Option 2:  Join by Completing our Medical Meditation and Stress Management Certification course.

Option 3:   Complete our NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and Life Coach Certifcation.

Option 4:  Graduate from HPTI (Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute)

We NO LONGER accept members through reciprocity, you MUST take our program (or HPTI) to become an ICBCH member. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The initial program offered by the ICBCH was designed to meet the requirements of both Florida and Texas to train mental health professionals in clinical hypnosis.  Both of these states restrict the use of the word ”therapist” to those with a professional  license in mental health or medical related licensed.  For this reason, even if permitted in your state to use the term “hypnotherapist” we will only offer this designation to those with both academic degrees and state licensure.  Other hypnosis professionals who do not meet this legislative rule will be issued a certificate as a “Certified Professional Hypnotist.”